My name's Shane Cahill. I'm from Buffalo, NY, but I live in Chicago, IL. I am 20 years old. Music is my life so that's a lot of what you're going to see on here. If you like good music I'll probably follow back! Some of my favorites are Pantera, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon, Every Time I Die, A Day To Remember, Asking Alexandria, Slipknot, I could go on forever. I also love art, tattoos, sports, and comedy.



Home practice time….

Gibson Les Paul Studio & Line 6 Spider III 30W

Dunlop TORTEX “The Wedge” .73mm


Weeping bitterly at this video of Hatebreed playing in 1995, where there are approximately 10 people watching them and half of them are SITTING DOWN. :’(

I’ve been putting a ton of thought into where I want to live after I graduate lately. Sure I love Chicago but things just haven’t gone my way finding people to play music with so here are my top landing spots as of right now.

1. Buffalo: Yup, I never thought I’d be saying this but it’s the most logical place to go at least for the short term. Ideally I would like to find a touring gig and just be based in WNY. It was recently named the most affordable place to live which could mean a lot for starting a band. Low cost of living means being able to get a place with some friends and write. Coming home would definitely feel great although I know I could end up getting sick of it QUICK if things don’t go this way.

2. Long Island/New England/Other places in the East Coast: I’ve heard so many great things about the scene out that way and Id like to be a part of it. I haven’t ventured through those parts in a few years but this summer I’m going to be able explore a lot more. Of course, if things end up going the way I’d like in Buffalo being a part of this scene wouldn’t be very hard at all.

3. Somewhere in California: I’m so torn about this one. I loved my visit out there and a part of me really wants to live either in the Bay Area or San Diego, but I don’t know many people out there. Also, cost of living is a little high for the line of work I’m looking to go into. As of right now it seems like a better place to visit for awhile.

All of this could change between now and graduation. Who knows? Maybe somewhere else will come into the mix.